MovPilot Review: A Distinguished Streaming Video Downloader

M-O-V-P-I-L-O-T! Thanks a lot! My life saver! Those undownloadable content on Netflix are all downloadable now! You know, my life can continue without the sun, but never MovPilot!

—— Cecilia (A 2-year User from the U.S.)

Launched in 2020, MovPilot stands out as a game-changer for its excellent performance in downloading streaming videos. Why should you try MovPilot? This review will put together the basic facts and key features of MovPilot. You will get to know everything about MovPilot. Just read on!

Products of MovPilot:                        ●  MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader

●  MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader                ●  MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader

●  MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader                   ●  MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader

MovPilot Product Line

Distinguishing Features of MovPilot You Shouldn't Miss

MovPilot software features advanced technologies that help you to smoothly download videos from streaming platforms. Here we've summarized the distinguishing features of MovPilot, in order to give you a complete impression of MovPilot.

Download Streaming Video in High Quality

MovPilot downloads streaming videos in FullHD 1080P/720P resolution, the same as you can download from Netflix, Hulu, Max(HBO), Disney+, and Amazon Prime. And MovPilot supports Dolby 5.1 surround sound, offering you a cinema-like watching experience.

Ultra-fast Download Speed

To ensure download efficiency, MovPilot embeds a hardware acceleration technique. MovPilot supports batch download and up to 5X faster download speed. Besides, you can lower the download speed to make the download process take up less internet bandwidth while you are using the computer for other things.

DRM Protection Removal

MovPilot's video downloaders help you download streaming movies to plain MP4/MKV files. With DRM protection removed, the downloads will be permanently saved on your local storage, and you can freely transfer the downloaded videos to other devices(such as game consoles, smart TV, etc.) for offline viewing, even if your subscription plan expires

Disclaimer:   MovPilot is a home Edition for personal use only and strictly complies with the copyright regulations in your region. You shouldn't use the downloaded content via MovPilot for commercial usage. MovPilot will not be responsible for any infringement.

No Ads Anymore

All the streaming ads are naturally removed when you download movies via MovPilot. Typically, if you subscribe to an ad-supported plan, you will need to watch disturbing advertisements before the video starts. But with MovPilot, you can enjoy totally ad-free videos.

Download Any Video with Any Plan

MovPilot helps you download any video in the content library of streaming platforms(even those not officially downloadable) with ad-free and ad-supported plans(including the Freevee of Amazon Prime). Furthermore, even if your subscription expires, your downloads via MovPilot will not expire as in the streaming video apps.

3 Steps to Download Streaming Videos with MovPilot

Powerful as it is, MovPilot provides a user-friendly interface and a simple one-click download process. The download process on all MovPilot downloaders is similar. Here we take Netflix as an example.

Step 1. Log in to Your Netflix Account

Download, install, and launch the MovPilot Downloader, and you will see a prompt to guide you to log in to your Netflix account. That's because the downloader has a built-in Netflix web player so that you can access the Netflix library.
Log In To Your Netflix Account

Step 2. Set Up Download Parameters (Optional)

Click the Gear button on the upper-right corner to open the Settings page. Choose the default Video Format from MP4 and MKV. Select your preferred Video Codec, language, subtitle options, download speed, and other output parameters. (Our default settings are good enough for basic playback.)

Set Up Basic Download Parameters

Step 3. Search and Download Netflix Videos

Search for your desired movies and TV series via the search bar. The Download button will be shown next to the videos. Press the corresponding button to download your selected videos. MovPilot supports batch download so that you can download TV series easily. The download progress status can be checked on the right sidebar. All downloaded videos can be found in the History tab.
Download Netflix Videos

Pricing of MovPilot Video Downloaders

Unlike other all-in-one software that costs a lot to subscribe, all MovPilot software is independent, you can download and purchase separately.

Buy a MoviePliot downloader and enjoy a 30% off discount: 1-Month Plan(US$15.95), 1-Year Plan(US$59.95), and Lifetime Plan(US$128.95). Of course, an all-in-one plan is also available for you, and it saves up to 65%! A Single Lifetime License on 1 PC costs US$225.65.

Before paying for a subscription plan, you can try the free trial version first to see whether MovPilot meets your needs.

FAQs about MovPilot

1. Is MovPilot free?

MovPilot provides free-trial versions, but it has restrictions on video downloading. You can download videos within 6 minutes. To unlock the full version of MovPilot downloader, you need to buy a registration code.

2. Is MoviePilot Legal and Safe to Use?

MovPilot only provides a LEGAL home edition. All videos downloaded via MovPilot are not for commercial use. And MovPilot is 100% for you to use. Using a MovPilot downloader does no harm to your account on the streaming platforms.

3. Is MovPilot Cracked Version Available?

Several untrusted sites may claim they have the cracked version of MovPilot, but we don't recommend you use a so-called "cracked" version. It may contain viruses, thus do harm to your computer, and even steal your personal information.

4. How to Cancel MovPilot Subscription?

If you want to cancel the subscription, send an e-mail to [email protected] to tell the customer service team and put the order information in this e-mail, including your e-mail address, your order ID, your subscription plan, etc.


Now you've gone through everything about MovPilot. With the help of MovPilot video downloader, you can easily download videos from mainstream popular online platforms! The converted MP4/MKV files with high audio quality and original sound quality can be watched at any time, anywhere on your own devices, and you can keep them as long as you can. Try a MovPilot downloader now and download your desired movie from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, Disney Plus, and Max(HBO)!

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