6 Best DVD Ripper Software for Windows & Mac in 2022

As streaming media is bringing greater convenience to people, they consider to rip DVD to digital formats for playing and keeping in more flexible ways. However, to process DVD ripping, DVD ripper software is required. In this blog, we have collected the 6 best options after careful tests in the past few weeks. Now, let's see the top 6 DVD ripper software you are able to try digitizing your DVD discs on both Windows and Mac.
How to Select the Best DVD Ripper for Mac

Top 6 DVD Ripper Software Comparison

Preview this full comparison chart to grasp the features of the selected 6 best DVD ripper software for Windows and Mac.
Output Formats
Ripping Speed
Protected DVD Ripping
Free trial (subscription starting from US$59.95)
300+ options
6X faster
14 options
No acceleration
Y (required extra component installed)
WinX DVD Ripper
Free trial (subscription starting from US$34.95)
350+ options
47X faster
20+ options
No acceleration
MKV only
No acceleration
DVD Decrypter
4 options (MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV)
No acceleration

Top 1. VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

Best for: Ripping all types of protected and homemade DVD/Blu-ray discs to 300+ formats at 1:1 ratio without quality loss
VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper
The top-ranking DVD ripper software for Windows and Mac is VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper. The software empowers the ability to decrypt all DVD/Blu-ray region codes as well as the protection methods applied on the discs, then rip the media to 300+ mainstream formats for increasing the compatibility on all devices and media players. VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper will ensure the best output quality by maintaining it at 1:1 ratio. It won't take any compression method to reduce the quality for raising up the conversion speed.
Taking about the efficiency, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper also guarantees accelerated performance, with multiple acceleration teches applied. Users are able to enjoy up to 6X faster speed to complete a bulky DVD ripping with only low CPU taking up. Hence, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper ensures both the quality and efficiency to help Windows and Mac users to get the media copies of DVD with ease.
Pros and Cons of VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper
  • Compatible with over 300+ output formats and preset models;
  • Maintain 1:1 ratio to deal with DVD ripping at no quality loss;
  • Preservation of full audio tracks and subtitles;
  • All DVD/Blu-day region codes and protection methods decryption available;
  • Hardware acceleration methods applied to ensure 6X faster ripping speed;
  • Built-in video editor and managing toolbox to enhance media outputs with ease.
  • It only offers a 30-day free trial.

The following guide also tells you how to rip DVD with VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper.

VideoByte DVD Ripper is newly launched with DVD-oriented features and a cheaper price to deal with DVD ripping professionally on Windows/Mac! Try it now!

Top 2. Handbrake

Best for: Those who desire a freeware to complete DVD ripping without paying a penny
If you consider a DVD ripper freeware to complete the DVD ripping records on desktops, Handbrake is a well-known brand to try. The software is completely free for usage, but compared with professional DVD rippers like VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper, Handbrake doesn't support such fast ripping speed, but its output quality will be maintained at good condition for you. However, for ripping the protected DVD discs, Handbrake itself doesn't support at all. Instead, it requires the installation of a component, which would be a bit complicated to process.
Pros and Cons of Handbrake
  • Easy setup process;
  • Good quality ensured to rip DVDs;
  • A completely freeware taking no payment at all;
  • Mainstream output formats supported;
  • Available to customize videos before ripping.
  • Complicated process to rip encrypted DVDs;
  • The ripping speed is slow;
  • Its complex nature would be hard for some users to grasp.

Top 3. WinX DVD Ripper

Best for: Backing up DVD to media formats at the greatest speed and optional outputs
WinX DVD Ripper Free Edition
If you consider the fastest speed to rip DVD on Windows and Mac, WinX DVD Ripper is the option you shall not miss. With the advanced GPU acceleration tech applied, the software is able to speed up the ripping process to even 47 times faster. Meanwhile, its DVD loading, editing, and resolving functions are all smooth to be processed. For sure, WinX DVD Ripper will keep the output video ratio at 1:1, with great balance on the size, quality, and speed. Users are able to get the high-quality output within a short period at quick speed via the help of WinX DVD Ripper.
Pros and Cons of WinX DVD Ripper
  • Great ripping speed ensured by the advanced GPU acceleration teches;
  • 1:1 ratio ensured to output media files;
  • Built-in simple editing tools provided;
  • Compatible with encrypted DVD ripping;
  • Maintain smaller sizes to output ripped DVD media.
  • Sometimes the compression would lead to bad image quality of the output videos;
  • Certain types of DVD ripping not supported unless upgrading to the registered version.

Top 4. Freemake

Best for: Freely ripping DVD discs with customized settings and 20+ format options
Freemake DVD Ripper
When it comes to another free DVD ripper software, Freemake provides user-friendly services to help rip DVD to over 20 mainstream formats without hassle. The software enables users to freely customize the output settings like removing subtitles, compressing video sizes, trimming unwanted parts from the videos, etc. within pretty simple clicks. If you consider ripping a Blu-ray disc, Freemake is also compatible with it. Even for the commercial discs, the software supports to helping you get copies of the media for preserving as extra files. Hence, if you consider an economical DVD ripper software, Freemake can be a nice pick.
Pros and Cons of Freemake
  • Compatible with 20+ formats to output ripped DVDs;
  • Protected DVD and Blu-ray ripping supported;
  • Customized settings provided before processing the DVD ripping;
  • Cloud preservation and instant YouTube sharing available.
  • The conversion speed is not that fast;
  • Watermarks will be added to the media outputs;
  • Slightly compressed image quality.

Top 5. MakeMKV

Best for: those considering high resolution outputs in MKV format without any loss at all
Makemkv Click the DVD Icon
For users who desire a DVD ripper software that is able to keep the complete original quality for DVD media while processing the ripping, MakeMKV is no doubt to be the best choice. Although the software only offers MKV as the lossless output format, it really keeps 100% original resolution without applying any compression on the image. MakeMKV takes only a few clicks, then users are able to grasp the original outputs once the ripping process done. But for the sizes, they would be really large as no compression will be applied.
Pros and Cons of MakeMKV
  • Maintain 100% original quality to rip DVD to MKV;
  • Compatible with Blu-ray ripping;
  • Easy-to-grasp interface and intuitive functionality;
  • Open source software taking no payment to use;
  • Available to rip encrypted DVDs.
  • The media outputs would be in really large sizes;
  • The ripping speed can be very slow as no acceleration applied.
Best for: simply ripping DVDs with customized settings within a few clicks
dvDecrypter Convert DVD To Iso
Specially designed for backing up DVD image, DVD Decrypter offers quite intuitive interface and functionality for users to rip DVD to media by simple clicks on Windows. The software is able to deal with multiple encryption methods, then rip the media to mainstream file formats for preserving and streaming in more flexible ways. Although DVD Decrypter is not continuously enhanced anymore, it still performs stably to help rip DVDs with ease. Hence, it is still a nice pick for you if you consider a simple DVD ripper software on Windows.
Pros and Cons of DVD Decrypter
  • Intuitive functionality to create image copies for DVDs;
  • Powerful ability to decrypt certain encryption methods from DVD discs;
  • Customized options available to adjust the media before ripping;
  • Freeware requiring no payment.
  • The software is not updated anymore;
  • Only compatible with Windows systems;
  • Comparatively slow ripping speed;
  • Only 4 output formats supported;
  • Lack of editing features.


As you have gone through the 6 best DVD ripper software for Windows and Mac now, simply select the option based on your personal requiements! For example, if you consider 1:1 output ratio, more output options, and rich editing or video managing features, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is what you need. Instead, for the fastest ripping speed, WinX DVD Ripper performs better. While for free options, Handbrake, Freemake, MakeMKV and DVD Decrypter are all you can select from. It's up to your choice now!
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