7 Best Blu-ray Rippers for Windows & Mac (2024 Free & Paid)

Win 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP

Mac OS X 10.7 or above

If you're a binge-watcher, you must have a large Blu-ray collection. However, you may find it annoying to dig out your Blu-ray drive and switch discs each time you want to watch Blu-ray movies, not to mention discs may wear away over time.

Therefore, why not use a Blu-ray ripper to rip your Blu-ray discs to digital copies? Then, you can enjoy flexible Blu-ray playback with a common video player. This post introduces the 7 free and premium Blu-ray rippers for Windows & Mac. They can rip Blu-ray to 4K videos, and some even include amazing features for Blu-ray ripping. Scroll down and pick one right for you.

By the way, a complete comparison between these powerful Blu-ray ripping programs has been provided for a quick check. You can directly view the table to have an impression of each of them.

1. VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

Supported OS: Windows 11/10, Mac
Best for: Rip Dozens of Encrypted and Unencrypted Blu-ray/DVD to Digital Copies

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper
√ Over 300 formats.
√ Up to 4K resolution output.
√ Break all copy protections and region codes.
√ 6X faster ripping speed.
√ Preserve all subtitles and audio tracks.
√ 3 simple steps to rip Blu-ray discs and DVDs.
× Only support 5-minute conversion length for each content in the free trial version.

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper stands out as the best Blu-ray ripper (also supports DVD) for Windows 11/10 and Mac with various editing features and ripping performance. It can rip Blu-rays in MP4, MOV, MKV, etc, bringing the movie theater experience home without taking much storage. Whether the Blu-ray disc is encrypted or not, this best Blu-ray ripper can work quickly and easily remove most Blu-ray protections, helping you rip all your Blu-ray discs. If your Blu-ray discs have subtitles, audio tracks, etc, the Blu-ray ripper will preserve the default Blu-ray menu for great playback.

Some of you may be familiar with Blu-ray ripping that normally, converted Blu-ray movies will occupy around 20GB storage space, and can up to more than 50GB depending on the quality and movie length. But with VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper, you don't need to worry about running out of your storage because it has built-in compressor to reduce output size while keeping the quality as much as possible.

Better still, it runs fast and stable at 6X faster speed, making Blu-ray/DVD ripping a quick and efficient task. It is also super easy to use. With just 3 simple steps, you can rip Blu-ray discs. Besides, if you collect some Blu-ray ISO files and fail to play them, VideoByte will also be a Blu-ray ISO ripper for you to rip Blu-ray ISO.

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper:

  • Rip both protected commercial Blu-ray movies and personal discs easily.
  • Convert Blu-ray to 300+ digital formats to help you watch anywhere, any time.
  • Also compress output files to appropriate size while keeping the quality.
  • 6X speed and intuitive interface make it easy and fast to rip physical Blu-rays.
  • Offer editing features to add subtitles, cut or merge clips, and adjust effects.

How to Rip Blu-ray with VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is super easy to use. Both beginners and professionals can easily use this best Blu-ray ripper to rip your favorite Blu-rays.

STEP 1. Launch VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper and insert your Blu-ray disc into a drive connected to your Windows or Mac。

STEP 2. Click "Load Blu-ray" > "Load Blu-ray Disc" and select the disc.

STEP 3. Choose "Rip to Video/Audio", "Rip to DVD Folder", or "Rip to DVD ISO File" and start ripping your Blu-ray disc.

😍VideoByte's Bonus Feature: Rip Both Blu-ray and DVD Discs

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is also the best DVD ripper that excels in converting commercial DVDs to MP4 and other digital formats. If you have both DVDs and Blu-rays to digitize, VideoByte can rip both to your computer with lossless quality.

2. MakeMKV

Supported OS: Windows 11/10, Mac, Linux
Best for: Rip Blu-ray Discs with Original Quality and File Sizes

√ Easy to use all features.
√ Can handle 2 types of copy protection.
√ Keep almost the original quality.
√ Preserve chapters, and audio tracks.
× Only offer MKV format output.
× Large file sizes.
× Cannot decrypt region-protected discs.
× Do not preserve subtitles.
× Offer free ripping service for DVDs and a 30-day free trial for Blu-rays (without BETA version).

MakeMKV is a Blu-ray ripper that can rip discs to MKV videos with totally uncompressed audio and video. As a Blu-ray ripper with a 30-day free trial for Windows, Mac, and Linux, it can remove Blu-rays and DVDs protected by AACS and BD+. But for the latest copy protections, MakeMKV may fail to decrypt. Without the GPU acceleration, the Blu-ray ripper only offers normal ripping speed. But its processing bar of decryption is visible, which enables you to predict the time it will take to rip.

This easy-to-use Blu-ray ripper is best for ripping Blu-rays to MKV if you care about original quality. Despite the 30-day free trial, MakeMKV may still fail to rip commercial movies encrypted with the latest copy protections. The fact that it only supports MKV leads to the ripped MKV file with a large file size (normally it could be 20-50GB) so you may need to compress it for computer storage saving.

Tips: If MakeMKV disappoints you as it may not deal with GPU acceleration and costs too long time to rip your Blu-rays, another premium Blu-ray ripper - VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper - has you covered. It's designed to rip your commercial Blu-ray movies, TV series, etc, to different formats with much shorter time.


3. DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

Supported OS: Windows 11/10, Mac
Best for: Rip Blu-rays Encrypted with Common Protections

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper
√ Tons of format options.
√ Ensure lossless quality.
√ Remove lots of copy protection.
√ Fast and batch ripping.
× Can't rip DVDs and region-protected discs.
× Free for 30 days with limitations.
× Only rip to MP4/MKV in a free trial.
× Resolution higher than 1080P requires Premium.
× Pricey subscription with fewer features.

DVDFab Blu-ray ripper is a top 4K Blu-ray ripper with over 1,000 video and audio formats. Working on both Windows and Mac systems, this 4K Blu-ray ripper easily removes some Blu-ray copy protections, and rips discs to MP4 or MKV for free without quality loss.

At the same time, this Blu-ray ripping software lets you preview the detailed info of the disc and there is a bonus function that you are able to link your social accounts like YouTube to DVDFab and upload the converted video directly to them.

You can choose the movie and other clips, and set the output format and the quality easily in the quick drop-down list. However, it doesn't allow you to change the output for each clip. Also, it only allows you to rip discs to 480P or 1080P for free. If you want to rip Blu-rays to 4K, you are required to subscribe to its paid plans.

Note: DVDFab charges $44.99 for a monthly subscription, which is extremely expensive compared with other options. Also, we find some feedbacks that claimed it not preserving the set quality only to shorten the ripping time. Check this post for alternatives for DVDFab to rip DVDs/Blu-rays before you make the final desicion.

4. EaseFab Blu-ray Ripper

Supported OS: Windows 11/10, Mac
Best for: Digitalize Blu-ray Movie Discs with Subtitles

EaseFab Blu-ray Ripper
√ Mainstream Formats.
√ Handle encrypted Blu-ray/DVD.
√ Useful editing tools.
√ Fast ripping.
× Do not support 4K Blu-ray discs.
× Cannot handle region codes.
× Cumbersome interface.
× Do not rip Blu-ray to ISO files or DVD folders.

EaseFab is another Blu-ray and DVD ripper with 500+ video & audio outputs like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, etc. Like VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper, EaseFab can rip Blu-rays and DVDs to original HD or even UHD 4K quality with audio tracks and subtitles. Besides, this top Blu-ray ripper can easily remove AACS, and BD+ encryptions from BD/DVD.

With NVIDIA's GPU, this Blu-ray and DVD ripper for Windows and Mac brings fast ripping, making it one of the fastest Blu-ray ripping software. Besides, it also offers some simple editing functions and enables you to select the subtitles and audio you want to preserve. However, when ripping Blu-ray movies, this Blu-ray ripper software for Windows and Mac can't remove the region codes. To watch the movie, you may need to remove the region codes.

EaseFab LosslessCopy

Find more detailed information about Mac Blu-ray rippers here: Top Mac Blu-ray Rippers: Rip All Blu-rays in Best Quality

5. Handbrake

Supported OS: Windows 11/10, Mac, Linux
Best for: Backing up Unprotected Blu-ray Discs as Smaller MP4 Files

√ Totally free to use.
√ Open-source for Windows/Mac/Linux.
√ Three output options.
√ Provide default presets for quick ripping.
× Can't handle copy protection for most Blu-rays.
× Complex for most users.

Handbrake is the best Blu-ray ripper software free for Windows and Mac users who want to rip homemade or unprotected Blu-rays to HD digital videos. It is free to use and can rip unencrypted Blu-rays to MP4, MKV, and WebM.

For those homemade Blu-rays, the Blu-ray ripper also offers powerful editing features, with which you can edit your Blu-rays before ripping. Pitifully, this top Blu-ray ripper cannot handle copy encryption. This means you can't use this free Blu-ray ripper to rip encrypted commercial Blu-ray discs like movies. But overall, for its customized converting and editing options to meet different needs for free, we still recommend you to have try if your Blu-rays are not encrypted.

What to Choose for Ripping Encrypted Blu-rays?

Most free rippers like Handbrake can't handle copy protections. To rip protected Blu-ray movies, TV series, etc, you need a professional ripper that can bypass common and latest copy protections. For example, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper can decrypt APS, CSS, ARccOS, CPRM, AACS, BD+, and more easily when ripping Blu-rays for you.

Open DVD On Handbrake

6. Leawo Prof. Media

Supported OS: Windows 11/10, Mac, Linux
Best for: Rip Commercial Blu-rays and Bypass Copy Protections

Leawo Prof. Media
√ Handle most Blu-ray encryptions.
√ Basic editing features.
√ Make a 3D video from a 2D one.
√ Offer Blu-ray and DVD creator and burner.
√ Come with photo slideshow maker/burner/editor.
× Only select one video from the list to convert one time.
× Support 180+ formats.
× Slow ripping.
× Expensive with many useless functions.

Leawo is another Blu-ray ripping software for Windows and Mac with high output quality, tons of formats, and a built-in video editor. Support over 180 formats, Leawo Blu-ray ripper can rip your Blu-rays to mainstream formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, and more. With accelerating technologies, it can work at 6X speed when ripping large Blu-ray collection.

As Leawo is a top Blu-ray ripper that can remove most of the copy protection and break region codes, it can help you rip 4K Blu-ray movies and back up your movie collection on a computer. This Blu-ray ripper software charges $189.95/year, which is a bit expensive. And there's no monthly subscription.

Rip Large Blu-ray Collection: Leawo Prof. Media or VideoByte?

Both Blu-ray rippers offer 6X ripping speed and editing features and bypass protections. However, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper offers 300+ popular formats and handles copy protections from the common to the latest ones. If you want to upgrade to a premium Blu-ray ripper for your large Blu-ray collection, it's recommended to go for the feature-full one.

7. Acrok Video Converter Ultimate

Supported OS: Windows 11/10, macOS Sonoma
Best for: Rip Personal Blu-rays with Subtitles and Best Quality

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate
√ Digitize Blu-ray discs to popular video/audio formats.
√ Support 4K and 1080P Blu-ray discs.
√ Keep the lossless quality of Blu-ray discs.
√ Fast ripping speed.
√ Provide a default video editor.
× Cannot handle region codes and copy protections.
× Only allow ripping to audio in the free trial.
× Do not preserve the Blu-ray menu.
× Do not rip Blu-ray to ISO files or DVD folders.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best Blu ray rippers of the year. It enables you to rip 4K and 1080P Blu-ray discs to many formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, 3GP, MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, M4A, OGG, WAV, FLAC. Better yet, this top Blu-ray ripper can retain lossless quality at a 1:1 ratio. With its advanced hardware acceleration, the ripping process can go up to 10X faster than ever.

Also, it comes with a built-in video editor, with which you can trim, crop, merge, or split videos. You can also adjust the video brightness, saturation, contrast, and volume if necessary. Moreover, it cannot keep titles, chapters, audio tracks, and subtitles after ripping. However, Acrok Video Converter Ultimate can't rip Blu-ray to ISO files or DVD folders. If you're looking for a ripper for your own Blu-rays, Acrok can be an ideal one with many formats and editing features.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate Mac

Quick Flip Through - Comparison Between 7 Best Blu-ray Rippers

If you get lost among the top 7 best Blu-ray rippers in the post, let's get an overall idea of the differences in all respects below. Then, you can sort out your best Blu-ray ripper here.

  • To rip unprotected discs or Blu-rays with common types of copy protection, you can use MakeMKV to rip as digital videos and use Handbrake to compress the file sizes.
  • To rip multiple Blu-ray discs to files with lossless quality in one shot, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper can get the job done.
Handle copy protection
Remove region codes
Supported OS
Windows & Mac
Windows & Mac
Windows & Mac
Windows & Mac
Windows & Mac
Windows & Mac
Keep Blu-ray menu
Support DVD
Add external audio/subtitle tracks
Edit resolution, bitrate
Free / Paid
Paid (free trial included)
Paid (free trial included)
Paid (free trial included)
Paid (free trial included)
Paid (free trial included)
Paid (free trial included)

FAQs About the Best Blu-ray Rippers

There are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Blu-ray ripping. If you still have some questions in mind, let's get them solved below.

1. What is the best software for ripping UHD Blu-ray?

The best Blu-ray ripper should have the features listed below:

  • Rip all types of Blu-ray discs including homemade and commercial Blu-rays.
  • Remove Blu-ray region codes and copy protection.
  • Produce high-quality output movies (1080P and even 4K lossless ones).
  • Preserve the in-built Blu-ray menu.
  • Support subtitles & audio track adjustment.
  • Support compress the output file directly.
  • Fast converting speed. Easy to use.

In all, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is definitely a top choice with its over 300 formats, up to 4k and ease of use.

2. Is it illegal to rip Blu-ray?

Though most Blu-ray discs and DVDs are encrypted to prevent copying, it's acceptable if you just want to rip Blu-rays to MP4 or other formats for personal use. As long as you're not going to make any profit out of the content in protected discs, you won't get into trouble. To rip Blu-ray, it is recommended to choose a Blu-ray DVD ripper that can handle copy protection and region codes, like VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper.

3. How long does it take to rip a Blu-ray?

It varies from different Blu-ray movies and different Blu-ray rippers. Normally, the longer the Blu-ray movie is, the longer the ripping time it takes. For instance, a 2-hour Blu-ray movie may cost about 2 hours to convert. But if the Blu-ray ripping software comes with GPU acceleration service, like VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper offers 6X ripping speed, the converting time will be shorter.

4. Is it possible to convert Blu-ray to digital without losing quality?

Yes, but you'll have to use Blu-ray ripping software that supports 4K resolution and convert Blu-ray to digital formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, 3GP, and so on. MP4 is a common video format supported by all media players while MKV can keep better video quality for playback. There are 7 top Blu-ray rippers introduced in the post with slight differences, and you can go through them to pick out your best Blu-ray ripper.

5. How do I decrypt a commercial Blu-ray disc protected with copy protection?

Commercial Blu-ray discs like movies and documentaries are encrypted with region code and copy protection. As a result, these discs can't be played or copied unless you remove these restrictions with the Blu-ray ripping software that can break them. For example, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper can easily remove off all types of DRM protections of Blu-ray discs including APS, CSS, ARccOS, CPRM, AACS, BD+, and Cinavia. You may want to give it a shot.


To sum up, if you want to rip unprotected Blu-ray discs, free Blu-ray rippers like Handbrake and MakeMKV are surely helpful. However, when it comes to protected Blu-ray discs (like movies) with copy protections or region codes, there are just a few Blu-ray rippers to help out.

As you can tell from the comparison table, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper tops the list for the best Blu-ray ripper of the year. This ripper boasts up to 4K, lossless quality output, over 300 formats, copy protection removal, ease of use, and in-built Blu-ray menu preservation. Better try than never. Let's hit the road.

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