Top 6 Blu-ray ISO Player Software to Play Blu-ray (PC & Mac)

When Blu-ray ISO format is frequently used today to encode Blu-ray movies for delivering better streaming quality with mind-blowing visual as well as sound effects, the priority of enjoying such a playback experience should be selecting a qualified Blu-ray ISO player to get these contents played in lossless quality. Hence, this blog has collected the 6 best Blu-ray ISO players (software) you can trust. Now, keep reading and grasp them to have a try!


Top 1: VideoBye Blu-ray Player

The best ISO player with advanced Blu-ray ISO movies streaming ability delivered is VideoByte Blu-ray Player. This program can decrypt Blu-ray protections like AACS, BD +, MKB, CSS, etc., and play the most types of Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray ISO files, and Blu-ray (BDMV) folders for you. Additionally, along with delivering the high definition pictures, this out-performing Blu-ray ISO player also supports surround stereo audio with advanced audio decoding technologies such as DTS5.1 audio decoding, Dolby, AAC, TrueHD, and DTS-HD. Hence, you are able to have a theatre-like experience playing ISO movies on PC/Mac without hanging out to cinemas!
VideoByte Blu-ray Player Main Interface

In addition, VideoByte Blu-ray Player also provides an easy-to-control playback menu for controlling the chapter navigation, and allows you to select audio tracks, subtitles, or adjust video effects to customize the playback experience in requirements. Better still, when the software is also embedded with a GPU acceleration technology to reduce GPU consumption, it can perform stably and bring you a smooth streaming on PC/Mac without hassle! Overall, VideoByte Blu-ray Player can be the best Blu-ray player software you should really give a try!

A Tutorial Video on How to Play Blu-ray ISO Files

Supported Operating System:

Mac OS X 10.9 or above

or Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (SP2 or later)


1 Month Subscription: $ 29.95 (1 Month/1 PC/Mac)

Single License: $ 44.95 (Lifetime/1 PC/Mac)

Bundle (VideoByte Blu-ray Player + BD-DVD Ripper): $ 77.94 (1 PC/Mac)

Top 2: PowerDVD 22

Designed for Windows system, PowerDVD 22 is another professional Blu-ray ISO player, with 4K and even 8K capability to bring you lossless Blu-ray movies streaming experience on larger screens at home. It is designed to be fully compatible with various of devices, including TVs, laptops, and even game consoles. In the latest version, PowerDVD 22 also applied AI teches to ensure a smoother and hassle-free Blu-ray ISO movie streaming for you. It is definitely one of the best ISO players today.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 (64 bit OS only)

  • * HDR 10 Video File Playback: Microsoft Windows 11, 10 (64-bit with October 2018 Update)
  • * 8K Video Playback:Microsoft Windows 11, 10 (64-bit with Fall Creators Update 2017 Oct. updates)
  • * 4K Video Playback with TrueTheater:Microsoft Windows 11, 10 (64-bit with Fall Creators Update 2017 Oct. updates)
  • * Blu-ray Disc and DVD:Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 with Service Pack 1
  • * VR Mode:Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 with Service Pack 1


Price: $ 99.99

PowerDVD 22

Top 3: Macgo Blu-ray Player Pro

As its name suggest, Macgo Blu-ray Player Pro (It also has a standard version) is an excellent Mac Blu-ray ISO player which performs with reliable ability to play Blu-ray ISO files with smooth experience on Mac devices. It can perfectly output up to 1080p High Definition quality without loss. For audio quality, it supports DTS 5.1, Dolby TrueHD Audio DTS-HD Master Audio and Pass-Through to preserve original effects, taking you to experience HD audio-visual feast.

Meanwhile, Macgo Blu-ray Play Pro also applies accelerate tech like VideoByte Blu-ray Player, which is named BluFast MX, performing to save 20%-50% GPU and delivers smoother Blu-ray ISO streaming experience.

Supported Operating System: Mac OS X 10.8 or above


1 Year License: $19.95 (1 Mac)

Personal License: $39.95 (1 Mac)

Double License: $59.90 (2 Macs)

Family License: $99.95 (5 Macs)

Macgo Blu Ray

Top 4: Leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo Blu-ray Player is one of the best free Blu-ray players, which could be perfect for those who want to enjoy Blu-ray movies on a budget. This free Blu-ray ISO player not only can play Blu-ray ISO image file, but also performs to bypass Blu-ray region codes and other encryption methods to play Blu-ray discs or BDMV folders on PC/Mac desktops for you. For its Blu-ray ISO streaming quality, Leawo Blu-ray Player provides 4K image capability and preserves stereo audio effects to bring lossless Blu-ray enjoyment. There are also personalized preference settings available to help you freely customize your own Blu-ray streaming experience flexibly!

Supported Operating System:

Mac OS X (64-bit) 10.10 or above

Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

Price: Free

Leawo Blu Ray Player

Top 5: VLC Media Player

VLC is also a well-known free Blu-ray ISO player, with great compatibility for multiple device systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, and any version of Linux systems as well. VLC delivers easy control on Blu-ray ISO streaming, with reliable image as well as audio quality preserved, making sure a friendly experience to play Blu-ray ISO movies on more devices without hassle.

However, you need to pay attention that VLC only adds support for Blu-ray streaming from Version 2.0 with the necessary key database and AAC dynamic library installed. So make sure you are getting the proper VLC version or you will fail to play Blu-ray in VLC successfully.

Supported Operating System: Windows, Windows 64bit, Windows ARM 64, macOS, macOS (Apple Silicon), Linux, Android

Price: Free

VLC Blu-ray ISO Player

Top 6: GOM Player

GOM Player is also a reliable Blu-ray ISO player working smoothly for both Windows and Mac systems to enjoy streaming of regular media files, Blu-ray disc/ISO/folder, and even online resources. It keeps regular update to ensure the best experience in media playback. Even for some broken files, it is equipped with a smart codec finder service to help you find the missing codecs and fix the media, making it available for streaming again. Hence, if you are still finding an ISO file player for Windows/Mac, don't miss GOM Play!

Gom Player

Supported Operating System:

Microsoft Windows 7(32/64bit) or later (Windows 11 supported)

Mac OS X 10.13(High Sierra) or later


Annual License: $9.99 (1 PC/Mac)

Permanent License: $14.99 (1 PC/Mac)

Comparison Between 6 Best Blu-ray ISO Players

To draw a simple conclusion, go through the following comparison table to grasp all similarities and differences among the 6 best Blu-ray ISO players introduced above:

PowerDVD 22
MacGo Blu-ray Player Pro
Leawo Blu-ray Player
VLC Media Player
GOM Player
Quality for ISO Playback
4K Ultra HD
4K, 8K
HD 1080p
4K Ultra HD
Sound Effects
Dolby & DTS support
Dolby & DTS support
Dolby & DTS support
Dolby & DTS support
Common sound effects
Dolby & DTS support
Subtitles and Closed Captions
Supported Operating System
Windows, Mac
Windows, Mac
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Windows, Mac
Overall Performance
Starts at US$19.95
Starts at $19.95
Starts at $9.99

How to Play Blu-ray ISO with VideoByte Blu-ray Player

It won't be a difficult task to play ISO files when you get a reliable Blu-ray ISO player to help. Next, let's take the best ISO player, VideoByte Blu-ray Player as an example to grasp how to play Blu-ray ISO movies without hassle.

STEP 1. Load ISO File in Blu-ray ISO Player

Launch VideoByte Blu-ray Player and hit "Open Disc" to load the ISO file in the software. You are also able to import them by directly dropping them to the software interface.

Open ISO File in VideoByte After Mounting

STEP 2. Start Playing ISO Movies

When VideoByte Blu-ray Player loads ISO files, you are able to directly play them with lossless quality delivered by the software! The easy-controlling toolbar also lets you control the chapter navigation and edit playback effects in requirements flexibly. You are able to enjoy an enjoyable ISO files streaming experience with ease!

Menu Audio

FAQs of Blu-ray ISO Player

Also grasp more FAQs of Blu-ray ISO player if you still get any confusion.

Q: Does Blu-ray player affect ISO picture quality?

A: Unfortunately, some Blu-ray players will up convert ISO picture images to 1080P. This is not good sometimes because, especially for ISO files whose quality is lower than 1080P. When the Blu-ray play enlarge the images, the quality will be lowered to some extent. Therefore, selecting a Blu-ray ISO player like VideoByte Blu-ray Player that can retain original ISO files streaming ability is essential for having a lossless movie playback experience.

Q: Does ISO file have to be on Blu-ray or DVD disc?

A: Not at all. ISO files can be saved independently without relying on a physical Blu-ray or DVD disc. Hence, many users will back up Blu-ray or DVD movies as ISO files and move them to play with Blu-ray ISO players in more flexible ways.

In Conclusion

By comparing the top 6 Blu-ray ISO players, you now can definitely select the most ideal one for yourself to enjoy ISO movies playback on Windows/Mac with better experience. Among all of them, VideoByte Blu-ray Player delivers lossless resolutions to bring you original visual as well as audio effects to enjoy Blu-ray ISO streaming at home. Now, freely install and give it a try!
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