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Why Use VideoByte Blu-ray Player

Create Home Cinema Experience Anywhere

As one of the best Blu-ray Player, VideoByte Blu-ray Player offers the original Blu-ray image quality and perfect sound effect that as long as you have a computer, you can enjoy your Blu-ray movies as in the movie theater at anytime and anywhere.

Offer You Personal Media Library

More than a Blu-ray player for PC & Mac, VideoByte Blu-ray Player also records your watching history. Therefore, the Blu-ray/DVD/regular video files that have ever played on VideoByte Blu-ray Player, will all be collected in its playlist, which is easy to find and rewatch.

Play Blu-ray on PC/Mac Without Region Code via Original Menu

Many Blu-ray discs are region locked and prevent you from watching them in different countries or on different player drives. VideoByte Blu-ray Player as one of the best region-free Blu-ray players, helps you get rid of Blu-ray region codes, including Region A, B, and C. Better still, the original Blu-ray menu will be totally preserved to easier your playback control. Also with the clear UI, you can have full access to the Blu-ray content with this Blu-ray player software, and totally focus on your Blu-ray enjoyment without limitations.

All-in-one Blu-ray Player for Any Blu-ray Files & Regular Videos

Being the best Blu-ray Player, VideoByte Blu-ray Player deals with not only Blu-ray discs, but also Blu-ray folders/ISO/BDMV that many players cannot detect. What’s more, VideoByte Blu-ray Player also supports regular video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. and is compatible with various encoding methods, including H.264 and H.265.

Besides, if you are a Windows user, you can also play DVD discs and files with VideoByte Blu-ray Player, which is also a region-free DVD player.

Amazing Video Quality & Sound Effect

The greatest thing about Blu-ray is the master-quality visual and audio effect it can preserve. VideoByte Blu-ray Player always guarantees the highest playback quality in 1080P HD when you play Blu-ray on your computer, and 4K Ultra HD image quality with zero quality loss of data or frame in terms of any common videos.

Meanwhile, with the support of multiple cinematic audio decoding systems like DTS and Dolby Digital, you will also have a crystal-clear listening experience.

Clear Navigation Menu for Easy Control

VideoByte Blu-ray Player well preserves all the scenes, chapters, multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitle tracks in the Blu-ray or DVD disc. It is very convenient to access the disc menu and switch to another title, chapter, or change the audio/subtitle track with one click.

This software also offers you the control feature with considerate and flexible operations available, such as volume adjustment with your scroll wheel, full-screen playback, fast forward and backward, fast jump to the previous and next chapter.

Offer GPU Acceleration to Ensure Smooth Playback

VideoByte provides you with hardware acceleration technology, which saves 40% of the CPU resource when playing a Blu-ray disc. Therefore, it will cool down the heat from a running CPU, as well as to save the computer battery. Then, no matter which computer or system you use, playing Blu-rays on MacBook, iMac, or on Windows OS, you will completely enjoy the whole Blu-ray journey.

Extra Features to Perfect Your Movie Night

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper provides superior parameter settings that support adjusting resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate, frame rate, video encoder, audio channels, sample rate, audio encoder, etc. to tailor ripped DVD/Blu-ray movies.

While you are watching a movie and have viewed a frame that you like so much, you can click the "Snapshot" button in VideoByte Blu-ray Player to copy the high-resolution source frame as JPEG, PNG, or BMP format.

You can create your playlist in order according to your needs, and VideoByte Blu-ray Player will play them for you one by one. Once you play them with network connected, they can be loaded in the playlist and you don’t require internet to watch them next time.

User Guide: Play Blu-ray on PC/Mac in 3 Steps

You can watch Blu-ray movies effortlessly using VideoByte Blu-ray Player. Clear image guide and detailed video tutorial are both available for you below.

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What Our Customers Say about Us

I don't want to pay for the features I don't need such as BD-Live support and virtual remote control, so I look for a while and find VideoByte Blu-ray Player is exactly what I wanted!! It has all the necessary and useful features.
Mary Clinton
VideoByte Blu-ray Player is a video playback software that supports Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K high-definition video. It can read Blu-ray discs quickly and run with lower CPU usage, allowing you to enjoy on Windows 11. Smooth video screen.
Hank Tzeng
Using the program, you can also play commercial Blu-ray and homemade Blu-ray disks regardless of restrictions and protection armed on them. Region codes would never disturb your Blu-ray playback either.
Eva Willams

More Information About Blu-ray Player/DVD Player Software

VideoByte Blu-ray Player gives you cinema-like enjoyment on Windows and Mac. All commercial and homemade DVD/Blu-ray Disc/Folder/ISO files are available.

The VideoByte Blu-ray Player is one of the latest options available, offering a range of benefits that set it apart from other players on the market.

The VideoByte Blu-ray Player is one of the latest options available, offering a range of benefits that set it apart from other players on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. VideoByte Blu-ray Player offers you 30-day free trial for Blu-ray playback, and you can try its functions to decide whether to buy it or not. Besides, if you are a Windows user, you can also watch DVDs with VideoByte Blu-ray Player for free.

Normally, you will receive an email that includes the licensed email and a registration code will be sent to you by the third-party immediately. Sometimes, it may be recognized as a junk mail, so you can check the spam folder first. If you haven’t received the email after 30 minutes, you can contact the support team via Support page for help.
No. If you need to change to a new computer after you have registered on the old one, you can go to the Support page and contact our team to help you.
Yes. VideoByte Blu-ray Player supports not only Blu-ray discs, but also supports playing Blu-ray ISO files. Therefore, you can enjoy all Blu-ray movies on your computer whatever formats they are using.

If you are a Windows user, VideoByte Blu-ray Player will play DVD discs/folders/files for you.

VideoByte Blu-ray Player

Always enjoy crystal-like Blu-ray/DVD/4K Video playback on computer.